Rolling Midnight
Rolling Midnight
30 Candles: Smokejumpers, Part 1

Out among the Redwoods, a strange wildfire is raging. Trapped, running out of air, and racing against time, five people try to send a message.

Canaries don’t escape coal mines, but someone hears their song.

CW: Apocalyptic imagery, descriptions of fire and fire sound effects, in-character inner party conflict, and near death situations throughout. Themes of abandonment (2:32-2:45 and 55:16-55:28). Mention of dead body (11:08-11:14). Resource scarcity/thirst (11:20-11:31). Description of burn injury (18:49-19:12 and 52:49-54:30). Audio gore (44:17-44:20 and 44:53-45:05). Hallucinations/unreality (45:28-46:2, 1:01:08-1:01:28, 1:01:46, 1:03:32-1:07:28).

The game we are playing this season is Ten Candles by Stephen Dewey. You can find his work at and support him at

If you are posting about the show online, please use #RollingMidnight, #30Candles, and #30Cspoilers to tag your content and to help us see anything you’d like to share with us. 


GM and Director: Casey Fleming


Lucy Cavener as Naomi Finnegan

Esther Wallace as Allison Jenkins

Jules Pincus as Sally “Ruby” Jackson

Enzo Palermo-Kent as Jeremy

and Karina Revilla as Carlotta Cruz

Editor: VJ Harris

Sound Designers: Mitchell Jung and Casey Fleming, with assistance from Saffron Hefta-Gaub

Composer: Owen Prendergast

Character and Episode Artist: Issy Quigley

This episode contains music and sound effects sourced from,, and under the Creative Commons Attribution License. For the full list of credits, please visit our website at



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