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Episode 1: Welcome to Thornridge

Meet the students of Thornridge High, both magic and mysterious, as they enter the season of prom-proposals, extravagant end-of-year parties, and a prophecy that inches ever closer.

Content warnings: Description of patricide, internalized homophobia, and religious trauma [9:50-16:36]. Brief description of miming self-harm [1:23:04].  Allusions to death of family members [1:53:24-1:55:50]. Homophobia [2:00:14-2:01:06]. Magical hypnotism with audio distortion [2:13:00-2:13:18 and 2:18:00-2:18:53]. Reference to sexual situations [2:41:35]. Descriptions of characters eating food throughout.

Episode 2: Time Between Dog and Wolf

Tensions rise as Starfyre, Lucien, and Cassie investigate the Strisciante family at Silvia’s party; Stephanie Chaplin hits a breaking point when confronted with terrible truths of her own.

Content warnings: Descriptions of snakes (including feeding on mice) [47:43-49:00]. Moment of forced truth-telling through magic, with auditory distortion [1:48:10-1:49:17]. Physical violence (slapping). References to cheating, homophobic and abusive families [2:20:32-2:33:39]. Characters eating food, underage drinking/drug use (marijuana and tobacco), and internalized homophobia throughout.

Episode 3: An Unleashing

The party comes to an end as Silvia finds evidence of the Chosen Squad’s investigation; a fight breaks out when something sinister finds Cesar in the woods.

Content warnings: Violence, threats of violence, horror, and zombie beheading [40:00 – 50:19]. Threats of violence and punching [56:12 – 59:28]. Audio gore (bones breaking in werewolf transformation) [1:23:19-1:24:17]. Allusions to violence/animal attacks. Mention of dissociation. Mentions of alcohol and underage drinking/drug use throughout.

Episode 4: World at Your Fingertips

Family waits for characters on their return home from the party; Cassie finally confronts Luna Hanlon about their unfinished business.

Content warnings: Intense family dynamics and generational trauma [2:00-5:57]. Emotional abuse, references to hunting and killing animals [14:48-28:05]. Discussion of death of family members, trauma related to injury from animal attack, intense guilt and suicidality [38:51-44:28]. Brief mention of snakes and cheating. Internalized homophobia throughout.

Episode 5: Chains of Fate

Starfyre, Cassie, and Lucien hunt monsters in the woods, Eden takes the next step in their relationship with Cassie, and Stephanie Chaplin makes new plans for prom.

Content warnings: Violence, horror, injury, and threat of drowning [33:53-37:56]. Descriptions of wounds, including a wolf bite [44:30-45:35]. Abusive/toxic family environment [1:19:30-1:24:37]. Discussion of being turned/attacked, with mention of parent death [1:39:10-1:42:51]. Description of homophobic family, emotional abuse, and seizure [2:04:15-2:06:30]. Attempts at hypnosis and dubious consent. Interparty conflict throughout.

Bonus Content: Arc 1 Talkback

Our cast answers audience questions and gives behind-the-scenes insight on character creation and worldbuilding.

This talkback contains spoilers from the first arc of The Valkyrie Cycle (Episodes 1-5).

Episode 6: Confessions

Lucien tests the limits of Stephanie’s spell. Starfyre talks to her aunt Morgan about the prophecy.

Content warnings: Attempts at physical violence, punching  [13:50-23:43]. Brief descriptions of wounds and wound care [24:51-25:44]. Discussion of grief and loss of family members [38:05-44:07]. Mentions of the foster system, being attacked by an animal [49:03-52:30]. Discussion of patricide, homophobic parents, generational trauma [1:42:48-1:53:35]. Mention of seizures and hospitalization, hospital sound effects [1:55:20-2:04:59]. Internalized homophobia throughout.

Episode 7: Witch Hunt

Starfyre, Lucien, and Cassie meet with Eden before school Monday morning. Stephanie confronts the consequences of her actions.

Content warnings: Mentions of seizures/brain injury, discussion of homophobic parents and murder, hospital sound effects [16:57-37:35]. Hospital sound effects [43:20-50:08]. Description of dissociation/PTSD and of being attacked by a wolf [1:11:37-1:13:23]. Interparty conflict and internalized homophobia throughout.

Episode 8: Claws and Teeth

The meeting in the clearing turns bloody. Cesar finds out dirt on the Strisciantes while Silvia searches for answers about Blackwell.

Content warnings: Descriptions of wolf attacks, violence, near-death experience. [24:10-54:13]. Teeth gore with sound effect [30:23-31:40]. Magical hypnosis, forced truth-telling, ringing sound effects [1:00:42-1:02:02] and [1:12:43-1:14:45]. Intense interparty conflict throughout.

Episode 9: Lick Your Wounds

The fight in the woods meets a hasty end. Starfyre and Lucien share a dance.

Content warnings: Snake description/sound effects; description of blood/wounds [13:45-16:10]. Description of ambulance, paramedics, and police; siren sound effects  [56:37-56:52] and [58:02-1:09:13]. Discussion of generational trauma, loss of parents [1:57:19-2:06:03]. Intense interparty conflict throughout.

Episode 10: Blood of the Wolf

Starfyre shows her friends the prophecy. Arthur Astor hosts a dinner.

Content warnings: Description of a hospital including sound effects, brief description of wounds, mention of internalized homophobia [44:30-56:49]. Underage smoking, brief mention of death of family members (car accident), threat of death, sexual situations  [1:19:55-1:24:05].

Bonus Content: Manipulative B*tch and Genderf*cked Attack Dog

Saffron, Karina, Quin, and Fabiola give a name to the archetypes of “evil gay people” found in your favorite media (including The Valkyrie Cycle)

“The Dynamic”: 

Disclaimer: Midnight Ceremonies Media and its team does not condone violence or emotional abuse. Rather, we find fiction an exciting space to explore dark topics. Recommended reading on the subject:

Discussion of (and thus spoilers for):
The Valkyrie Cycle (episodes 1-10), Hannibal, Campaign 2 of Critical Role, These Violent Delights (by Micah Nemerever), Red vs. Blue, Succession, The Penumbra Podcast, Interview with the Vampire (the movie and the television show), Scream (1996), Killing Eve, The Cromwell Chronicles, House of the Dragon (and Fire & Blood), Thoroughbreds, Infinity Pool, Rope (1948), Andor, Battlestar Galactica (the 2000s remake).

Bonus Content: Arc 2 Talkback

Episode 11: Sins of the Father

Eden explains the supernatural to the comp sci club. Lucien and Cesar go on their first date.

Content warnings: Discussion of patricide, violence, and magical hypnosis [38:00-43:15]. Magical hypnosis and ringing sound effects [1:12:57-1:13:47]. Descriptions of violence, murder, and blood [1:14:07-1:27:00]. Description of arson and fire sound effects [1:51:17-1:52:35].

Episode 12: Who’s to Blame

Cassie experiences the consequences of his Darkest Self. Silvia plays with Stephanie and Starfyre’s emotions.

Content warnings: Hospital/heart-rate monitor sound effects, slight emotional manipulation [2:47-9:39]. Discussion of child endangerment, trauma, and near death situations [16:26-20:45]. Brief discussion of murder and arson [33:50-34:05], [35:42-36:03], and [41:13-42:15]. Brief mention of snakes [52:25-52:50]. Description of police, criminal investigation, and loss of family members [45:08-45:53], [1:08:40-1:16:07], and [1:18:55-1:20:23]. Interparty conflict throughout.

Episode 13: Cause and Effect

Cassie gives Starfyre a pep talk. Long-held secrets are revealed.

Content warnings: Hospital/heart monitor sound effects, brief discussion of violence and wounds [23:00-55:56]. Description of underage drug use (marijuana), anxiety, and religious trauma [1:26:24-1:26:57], [1:59:48-2:01:08], and [2:12:27-2:12:46]. Intense interparty conflict throughout.

Episode 14: Chosen Ones

Cesar discusses important business with his grandmother. Starfyre asks Cora to prom. Silvia calls in her favor with Stephanie.

Content warnings: Intense family dynamics and generational trauma [2:52-24:00]. Discussion of loss of family members, generational trauma, and the threat of death [39:24-52:08]. Violence and horror [1:01:43-1:03:31]. Magical hypnotism with audio distortion [1:22:25-1:23:56] and [1:29:51-1:30:24]. Interparty conflict throughout.

Episode 15: How Lucky You Are

Lucien follows orders. Eden questions how they can help their friends. Starfyre confronts the next biggest threat: her family.

Content warnings: Description of police, criminal investigation, and loss of family members [49:31-57:57]. Intense family dynamics, generational trauma, and threat of death [1:07:24-1:20:11]. Interparty conflict throughout.

Episode 16: Something Nice For Once

The Strisciantes face the law. Lucien and Cesar discuss the future of their relationship. 

Content warnings: Intense family dynamics [11:10-11:50]. Description of police, criminal investigation, and child protective services [12:07-17:23]. Brief description of animal attack [1:15:16-1:15:24]. Discussion of internalized homophobia and interaprty conflict throughout.

Episode 17: Eleventh Hour

In the week leading up to prom, Cassie finally talks to Stephanie. Silvia gets desperate. A meeting is called at the diner.

Content warnings: Description of police and criminal investigation, discussion of murder and suicidal ideation [27:25-31:38]. Attempt at forced truth-telling through magic, with auditory distortion/ringing sound effects [40:57-41:50]. Threatening violence (knife to throat) and auditory distortion/ringing sound effects [1:45:08-1:48:01]. References to internalized homophobia, apocalyptic doom and the threat of death, and interparty conflict throughout.

Episode 18: Night of Revel

Prom night finally arrives at Thornridge High. Starfyre and Cora have one last dance.

Content warnings: References to sexual situations [2:31-3:31]. References to underaged drinking and internalized homophobia [35:28-37:10]. Underaged drinking [1:12:36-1:13:16]. Apocalyptic doom and the threat of death throughout.

Episode 19: Wolf Slain or World Consumed

Deep in the woods, the final battle arrives.

Content warnings: Audio gore (bones cracking/werewolf transformation) [15:08-15:20], [15:55-16:01], and [42:22-42:29]. Descriptions of wolf attacks, zombies, horror, and violence [22:37-24:15] and [26:11-29:44]. Horror, possession, violence and combat, descriptions of blood [40:52-58:52]. Scene of sensual intimacy [1:10:48-1:13:30]. Brief mention of wounds [1:22:33-1:22:53]. Briefest mention of underage drinking [1:35:29] and smoking [1:36:34]. Apocalyptic doom and the threat of death throughout.

Epilogue: A Warmer World

In the days, weeks, and months after prom, healing begins.

Content warnings: References to religious trauma and homophobia [10:18-16:19]. Brief mention of smoking (tobacco and murajuana) [32:56-33:06]. References to jail, criminal prosecution, and legal issues  [1:01:27-1:04:31]. Discussion of eating disorder treatment  [1:07:31-1:07:54]. Mentions of PTSD treatment [1:29:22-1:30:02], [1:33:55-1:34:37], and [1:40:07-1:40:33]. References to intense family dynamics, generational trauma, and experiences with mental health care/therapy throughout.

Bonus Content: NPC Epilogues

A summary of what the non-player characters get up to after the finale.

CW: Mentions of divorce [5:19-5:25] and [10:20-10:31].

Bonus Content: Arc 3 Talkback

The cast answers audience questions and offers behind-the-scenes insights on the series. This talkback contains spoilers for the entirety of The Valkyrie Cycle.

CW: Discussion of patricide, parental abuse, manipulation, and violence [27:48-50:32].