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The Valkyrie Cycle


What if the worst people you knew in high school were tasked with saving the world?

About Us

Midnight Ceremonies Media began in Spring 2021 as a group of Twitter mutuals interested in playing a game of Monsterhearts set in the Pacific Northwest. All of us were already fans of actual play shows, and we used the energy we had previously invested into fandom to create our own original story. Despite starting as a group of strangers, there was a sense that we had something special going on from our very first meeting.

In Fall 2021, we began production on our first season, The Cromwell Chronicles, about a group of supernatural teens attempting to start a Grunge band. In Fall 2022, we expanded our team and partnered with the Rainbow Roll Network to release our second season, The Valkyrie Cycle. Telling the story of a group of monstrous highschoolers up against the apocalypse, The Valkyrie Cycle went on to be selected into multiple webfests and win awards like Best NPC at the 2023 CRIT Awards and Best Cast Chemistry at the 2023 Baltimore Next Media Web Fest.

As of 2024, we are in a new phase of our studio, prioritizing bringing as many new people behind and to the table as possible.

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This Ko-fi helps our team of full-time students and recent graduates produce the actual play podcasts you love! You can support us in two ways: one-time donations and purchases through our digital store. It takes a lot of time and energy to create high-quality episodes and we appreciate any way our audience helps us out.

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