A flame glows brightest in the dark….

Rolling Midnight Season One:

30 Candles

Played using the 10 Candles system, this trilogy of one-shots explores horror and tragedy in within three unique settings. From the wild west to suburban neighborhoods to vast wilderness, three groups of people will give everything they have to survive and escape the forces of darkness. If only that were enough….

No character will survive these stories, but they will not give up hope.

30 Candles features three unique casts and crews that collaborated to connect their one-shots through original music and sound design, worldbuilding shared between the different GMs, and recurring themes that arose organically from improv.

In the Old West, four prisoners find themselves loosed upon a dying world. What is it that awaits them out there? Angels? Devils? Men?

GM & Director: Talon Cruz


  • Alyssa as Imelda “Mellie” Vasquez
  • Tanith Goudey as Andrew Chance
  • Quin Borozin as Floyd Ray Lewis
  • Arcadia Reeves as Carmen Rivera

Editor: Zola Hefta-Gaub

Sound Designers: Casey Fleming with assistance from Saffron Hefta-Gaub

Composer: Jared Charney Cohen

Music from Out with a Bang by Jared Charney Cohen:

  • Absolute Zero [5:59-7:20] and [11:24-11:31] 
  • Storm Chaser [8:20-9:20]
  • No Ordinary Storm [11:40-14:37]

Character Artist: Kev Bonaparte

Episode Artist: Addie Lillard

Five young kids are left home alone for what has become an endless night. The streets of their once peaceful neighborhood are stalked by creatures who can look and sound like loved ones. How do they know their friends haven’t already turned into Them?

GM & Director: Saffron Hefta-Gaub


  • Bee Alexander as Lizzie Hammond
  • Cat as Kayelin Stuart-MacKenzie
  • Kendo as Devon Allen
  • Percival Walter as James Smith
  • Zola Hefta-Gaub as Brianna “Bri” Peterson

Editor: Saffron Hefta-Gaub and Cat

Sound Designers: Saffron Hefta-Gaub with assistance from Mitchell Jung and Casey Fleming

Composer: Harrison Lurie

Music from Suburbanoia by Harrison Lurie:

  • Friend of Spiders [26:13-27:12]
  • Reminisce [27:40-28:20]

Character and Episode Artist: Emma Brand

Out among the Redwoods, a strange wildfire is raging. Trapped, running out of air, and racing against time, five people try to send a message. Canaries don’t escape coal mines, but someone hears their song.

GM & Director: Casey Fleming


  • Lucy Cavener as Naomi Finnegan
  • Esther Wallace as Allison Jenkins
  • Jules Pincus as Sally “Ruby” Jackson
  • Enzo Palermo-Kent as Jeremy
  • Karina Revilla as Carlotta Cruz

Editor: VJ Harris

Sound Designers: Mitchell Jung and Casey Fleming, with assistance from Saffron Hefta-Gaub

Composer: Owen Prendergast

Music from Smokejumpers by Owen Prendergast

  • Messages Pt. 1 [29:50-32:58]
  • Repairing RV [32:59-34:35]
  • Smokejumpers [34:37-37:45]
  • Voices in The Fire [37:55-40:17]
  • Naomi’s song [40:18-44:55]

Naomi’s original song by Lucy Cavener

  • Raincloud [40:18-43:38]

Character and Episode Artist: Issy Quigley