An image of character Rhododendron "Ro" Nielsen. He uses he/they pronouns, is 17 years old and 6 feet tall. Ro is black/mixed race, and was born on March 20th. They are bisexual and non-binary, as shown by the two corresponding pride flags. The image also shows that his Monsterhearts stats are Hot 2, Cold -1, Volatile -1, and Dark 1. There are 3 illustrated images of Ro, in which he wears a flannel and Nirvana t-shirt. He looks relaxed and friendly.

“Promises are more than just words…”

Ro Nielsen is a kid of two worlds, Faerie and Earth, and doesn’t quite know which world they belong to. He does know what he’s best at, though: magic, punk rock, and starting bands.

Played by Catherine (@Magicatherine)

“You can’t be a good person when you eat people.”

As a Vampire, Aleks Petrov just wants to have as normal of a high school experience as possible. But how can he do that when he doesn’t even know the extent of his own power?

Played by Quin (@iTitan_Extreme)

“I can’t make myself judge, jury, and executioner… but I guess in a way I did.”

Beautiful, disdainful, and a vampire, Eva Petrova is a girl who would rather be left alone to her art, but if people insist on slighting her, she wants them to live to regret it.

Played by Karina (@KarinaRevilla14)

“Death is just horseshit, it’s just a thing that happens.”

As a Witch born with magic, Ximena Carter-Garcia makes no effort to hide it and uses it in exchange for favors from students and peers. Hopefully it doesn’t come back to bite her.

Played by Dia (@frightberries)

“I am Daisy Mae I speak for the trees, step on the plants and I break your knees.”

Daisy Mae isn’t an ordinary garden gnome. She became half human by accident but she knows the purpose of her life: protect her garden and all she’s adopted as her own.

Played by Victoria (@victorian900)

“…There could be people among the monsters, too.”

Wrenn Aurora is a wacky, fun-loving “exchange student” at Cromwell. Her power? Seeing the wonder and beauty in everything. Oh, and she’s magic. Maybe that’ll be enough to help them feel at home.

Played by Casey (@thecaseyfleming)

“Just know that, I know.

Have you ever felt watched? ORPHEUS is a legend given life, and he knows your secrets.

Played by Percival (@PercyofWalter)

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