Executive Team

Saffron Hefta-Gaub she/her

Creative Director

30 Candles: Director & GM

Previous Seasons: Director & GM (TCC), Editor (TCC, TVC), Cast Member (TVC)

Social Media: @GaubHefta on Instagram & Twitter

TTRPG Experience: I’ve been playing 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons for about six years, and MCing Monsterhearts since the summer of 2020.

Favorite Teen Drama: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (as anyone who talks to me for more than 10 minutes will know)

Casey Fleming they/them

Executive Producer

30 Candles: Director & GM

Past Seasons: Editor & Cast Member (TCC, TVC)

Social Media: @thecaseyfleming on Instagram & Twitter

TTRPG Experience: I’m a huge fan of anything utilizing the PbtA system! I played my first ttRPG (D&D) in 2018, and became officially/hopelessly in love with ttRPGs when I started running my own campaign in late 2019.

Fun Fact: I discovered through this studio that Taco Time is, in fact, a regional franchise.

Talon Cruz any pronouns

Director of Communications

30 Candles: Director & GM

Social Media: @talon_cruz (Instagram)

Favorite TTRPG: Blades in the Dark

TTRPG experience: . ~6 years ttrpg experience, usually a forever DM

Favorite Teen Drama: I Am Not Okay with This

Fun Fact: When I visited London, I (unintentionally) witnessed the world naked bike race

30 Candles Production Staff


Zola Hefta-Gaub she/they


Past Seasons: Editor for TCC & TVC

Social Media: @Ace_of_Crows on Twitter

TTRPG Experience: I’ve been playing D&D for 8 years, and DMing D&D 5e for 5. I’ve recently been enjoying a variety of other TTRPGS, including playing in a Monsterhearts 2 game summer 2020

Favorite TTRPG: Currently a big fan of Grasping Nettles, and other smaller one-shot games like The Witch is Dead, On All Frequencies, etc.

Favorite Teen Drama: Veronica Mars, End of the F***ing World, Heartstopper

Fun Fact: I own a (dull, prop) sword that was a breakup gift from my ex

VJ Harris they/he


Social Media: @vjh_creations

Fun Fact: I had a poem published in the Library of Congress when I was in middle school.

Cat they/she


Social Media: @catlinggun on IG

Fun Fact: I love to party but hate to interact with other human beings, so my life is torture.

Mitchell Jung he/him

Sound Designer

Social Media: @mitchjunga on IG

Fun Fact: I can make bird noises with my hands 🙂

Seasonal Artists & Composers

Kev they/he


Social Media: @eldritchsmite on IG

Fun Fact: I love pro-wrestling!

Issy they/them


Fun Fact: I love horror media of all kinds, but I’m a total scaredy-cat! This would be fine, except that I also firmly believe in going in blind, if possible. I am my own worst enemy.

Jared Charney Cohen he/him


Social Media: @sirjaredthenectarine on IG

Fun Fact: I technically have a 100% win rate in USCF and FIDE rated chess tournaments, all with the black pieces!

Harrison Lurie he/him


Social Media: @luriehm on IG

Fun Fact: My favorite guitar string is the E string!

Owen Prendergast he/him


Social Media: @ka.formerly on IG

Fun Fact: I’ve never been on a roller coaster

Emma Brand she/her


Social Media: https://www.emmabrandworks.com/ @emmabrand71 (Instagram)

Favorite TTRPG: My favorite TTRPG is Dungeons and Dragons!

Favorite Teen Drama: I’m not sure if this necessarily counts as a teen drama, but I really like Gilmore Girls, mainly because I like the cozy nature of the setting, Stars Hollow.

Fun Fact: I like to sew and create new outfits out of thrifted/used materials!

Publicity & Financial Staff

Lucy Cavener she/her

Website Manager

30 Candles: Artist

Social Media: @lucydrawsthingssometimes and @littlecatcreationco on IG

TTRPG experience: Several years of D&D, one campaign of Monsterhearts, and a sprinkling of other indie systems

Favorite Teen Drama: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Ouran High School Host Club

Fun Fact: It’s my goal to learn as many arts and crafts as possible, so I can look at anything in a store and say “I think I could make that”

Addie Lillard she/her

Content Creator – Graphics

Social Media: @addie.and.art and @addie_lil on instagram!

TTRPG Experience: I started playing Dungeons and Dragons with my family when I was young, and I’ve been playing on and off ever since. I love the variety in how everyone approaches such a classic TTRPG: some people love playing a more numbers/rules centric game, and for others it can be far more fluid and story-driven. Each campaign is so unique to the people playing it!

Favorite Teen Drama: I suppose it’s more of a comedy-drama, but I absolutely adore Gilmore Girls. By the time I finished the show, I had fallen in love with all the little quirks and foibles of the characters of Star’s Hollow. It’s comfort show for sure!

Fun Fact: I absolutely adore everything sci-fi. I’m really into Star Trek right now and know way too much about it. (Me? Learning how to write in Klingon? What a shock!)

Gina Phushe/her

30 Candles: Social Media & Distribution

Social Media: @ginaphuwu – Insta

TTRPG Experience: I mostly have experience in D&D and Monsterhearts (including some homebrewed games)! So a little inexperienced to pick a favorite but I am excited to explore the different TTRPGs!

Favorite Teen Drama: Pretty Little Liars because I watched the entire thing for a Monsterhearts/homebrewed TTPRG based on it and it was so insane and so fun.

Quin Borozin they/she


Past Seasons: Composer (TCC, TVC), Social Media (TCC), Cast Member (TCC, TVC)

Social Media: Twitter- @iTitan_Extreme / Tiktok- @ititan_extreme / Instagram- @titan_studio / Bluesky- ititan.bsky.social / Reddit- @iTitan_Extreme

TTRPG Experience: Been playing since 2017, originally started in the Fallout PnP but has since branched out to DnD 5e, Stars Without Number, and SWRPG, among others

Favorite TTRPG: My favorite TTRPG system would fall under the World of Darkness umbrella, I can’t really choose any one of them as they are all the incredible. Demon: the Descent is probably the one I come back to the most.

Fun Fact: I like collecting handmade frogs! It’s a thing me and my mom have done since I was young and every time I go to a new place I get a frog from there to commemorate the trip! I also do the same thing with dice, haha.

Previous Seasons – Cast and Staff

Catherine Rohret they/them

Director & GM (TVC), Editor (TCC, TVC), Artist (TCC, TVC), Cast Member (TCC)

Social Media: @magicatherine on Twitter

TTRPG Experience: I’ve been playing and GMing since 2019, starting with D&D 5e but eventually branching out to other systems like Star Trek Adventures, Mutants & Masterminds, and my absolute favorite: Monsterhearts.

Favorite Teen Drama: I’m really into the SCREAM TV show, which is surprisingly good and really fun, though I’ll admit my favorite teen drama is Riverdale even though it’s absolute trash.

Karina Revilla she/they

Seasonal Editor & Cast Member (TCC, TVC)

Social Media: @KarinaRevilla14 on Twitter

TTRPG Experience: Before joining the Monsterhearts campaign that would become this group in the summer of 2021, my only previous experience of actually playing TTRPGs was playing in a D&D oneshot in the fall of 2020 and listening to multiple actual play shows (which is what initially got me interested in TTRPGs)

Favorite TTRPG: Monsterhearts, loved TSL as well. Really liking Lancer the more I play it.

Fun Fact: My favorite supernatural drama is Twin Peaks, which coincidentally also takes place in the Pacific Northwest

Arcadia “Dia” Reeves they/them

Seasonal Artist, Transcriber, Cast Member (TCC, TVC)

Social Media: @frightberries on Twitter & Instagram

TTRPG Experience: I played my first D&D session in 2018, but it wasn’t until a Monsterhearts 2 campaign in summer 2020 that I started playing regularly. Since then, I’ve enjoyed playing multiple PbtA systems like Masks, Apocalypse World, etc.

Fun Fact: I’ve been a horror media connoisseur since I was a little kid! I grew up on indie horror video games, and it was only a matter of time until I got into horror tabletop roleplaying games too.

Percival Eleanor Ambrose Charles Joan Walter he/him

Cast Member (TCC, TVC)

Social Media: @PercyofWalter on Twitter

TTRPG Experience: I have been playing dnd for over 5 years, Monsterhearts for about a year now, and I hope to play many more systems soon.

Fun Fact: I am a massive Shakespeare nerd. I cut Shakespeare in my free time and I’ve been in a completely actor directed production of Henry V where I played the Welsh captain Fluellen.

Victoria Nielsen she/her

Cast Member (TCC, TVC)

Social Media: @victorian900 on Instagram

TTRPG Experience: My intro to TTRPGs was D&D in the summer of 2020 and I first played Monsterhearts 2 in the summer of 2021. I instantly enjoyed the group storytelling aspect.

Fun Fact: I collect Teddy Bears, Chip n’ Dale anything, and gnomes. I also accidentally forced my sister to collect shot glasses by buying her one everywhere I went.

Haley Adams she/her

Seasonal Composer (TVC)

Social Media: @ukulele_haley on Instagram

TTRPG Experience: Most of my experience consists of a few years in D&D 5e, and I hope to try/play more!

Favorite Teen Drama: I haven’t watched many, but I think Paper Girls is pretty neat.

Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubik’s cube!

Fabiola Liaño she/her

Social Media Manager (TVC)

Social Media: @fabiola_liano

Special Thanks:

Brad Hefta-Gaub, Brian and Krista Fleming, Cameron Fraser, Tamarin Camp, Nia Le, Hannah Preisinger, Willa Barnett, Catie and Angelo Espiritu from Chiral Studios, and Aaron and Vee from Queen’s Court Games