Saffron Hefta-Gaub

Pronouns: she/her

Social Media: @GaubHefta on Instagram & Twitter

Role: Cast Member / Director / Editor (TCC, TVC)

Personal: I’m an alumni of the Film and Media Studies program at Smith College, where I stumbled into a focus on fan studies.

TTRPG Experience: I’ve been playing 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons for about six years, and MCing Monsterhearts since the summer of 2020.

Favorite Teen Drama: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (as anyone who talks to me for more than 10 minutes will know)

Casey Fleming

Pronouns: they/she

Social Media: @thecaseyfleming on Instagram & Twitter

Role: Cast Member / Producer / Editor (TCC, TVC)

Personal: 2nd year majoring in Narrative Studies (read: “Storytelling: The Major”) at USC

TTRPG Experience: I played my first game of D&D in 2018, and became officially/hopelessly in love with TTRPGs when I started running my own campaign during late 2019. Playing with this team is my first experience with Monsterhearts! I’ve recently become more interested in indie rpgs, especially the PbtA system.

Fun Fact: I discovered through this studio that Taco Time is, in fact, a regional franchise.

Catherine Rohret

Pronouns: they/them

Social Media: @magicatherine on Twitter

Role: Player / Artist / Editor (TCC, TVC), Director (TVC)

Personal: I’m a 4th year at UChicago, majoring in Creative Writing and Religious Studies.

TTRPG Experience: I’ve been playing and GMing since 2019, starting with D&D 5e but eventually branching out to other systems like Star Trek Adventures, Mutants & Masterminds, and my absolute favorite: Monsterhearts.

Favorite Teen Drama: I’m really into the SCREAM TV show, which is surprisingly good and really fun, though I’ll admit my favorite teen drama is Riverdale even though it’s absolute trash.

Quin Borozin

Pronouns: he/they/she

Social Media: @iTitan_Extreme on Twitter

Role: Cast Member / Composer (TCC, TVC), Social Media Manager (TCC)

Personal: Senior in college, Chemistry major

TTRPG Experience: Been playing since 2017, originally started in the Fallout PnP but has since branched out to DnD 5e, Stars Without Number, and SWRPG, among others

Fun Fact: I like collecting handmade frogs! It’s a thing me and my mom have done since I was young and every time I go to a new place I get a frog from there to commemorate the trip! I also do the same thing with dice, haha.

Arcadia “Dia” Reeves

Pronouns: they/them

Social Media: @frightberries on Twitter & Instagram

Role: Cast Member / Artist (TCC, TVC)

TTRPG Experience: I played my first D&D session in 2018, but it wasn’t until a Monsterhearts 2 campaign in summer 2020 that I started playing regularly. Since then, I’ve enjoyed playing multiple PbtA systems like Masks, Apocalypse World, etc.

Fun Fact: I’ve been a horror media connoisseur since I was a little kid! I grew up on indie horror video games, and it was only a matter of time until I got into horror tabletop roleplaying games too.

Karina Revilla

Pronouns: she/they

Social Media: @KarinaRevilla14 on Twitter

Role: Cast Member / Editor (TCC, TVC)

Personal: 4th year biology major at the University of Texas at Austin

TTRPG Experience: Before joining the Monsterhearts campaign that would become this group in the summer of 2021, my only previous experience of actually playing TTRPGs was playing in a D&D oneshot in the fall of 2020 and listening to multiple actual play shows (which is what initially got me interested in TTRPGs)

Fun Fact: My favorite supernatural drama is Twin Peaks, which coincidentally also takes place in the Pacific Northwest

Percival Eleanor Ambrose Charles Joan Walter

Pronouns: he/him

Social Media: @PercyofWalter on Twitter

Role: Cast Member (TCC, TVC)

Personal: 2nd year Theatre Major with Performance concentration at Lewis and Clark College

TTRPG Experience: I have been playing dnd for over 5 years, Monsterhearts for about a year now, and I hope to play many more systems soon.

Fun Fact: I am a massive Shakespeare nerd. I cut Shakespeare in my free time and I’ve been in a completely actor directed production of Henry V where I played the Welsh captain Fluellen.

Victoria Nielsen

Pronouns: she/her

Social Media: @victorian900 on Instagram

Role: Cast Member (TCC, TVC)

TTRPG Experience: My intro to TTRPGs was D&D in the summer of 2020 and I first played Monsterhearts 2 in the summer of 2021. I instantly enjoyed the group storytelling aspect.

Fun Fact: I collect Teddy Bears, Chip n’ Dale anything, and gnomes. I also accidentally forced my sister to collect shot glasses by buying her one everywhere I went.

Zola Hefta-Gaub

Pronouns: she/they

Social Media: @Ace_of_Crows on Twitter

Role: Editor (TCC, TVC)

TTRPG Experience: I’ve been playing D&D for 8 years, and DMing D&D 5e for 5. I’ve recently been enjoying a variety of other TTRPGS, including playing in a Monsterhearts 2 game summer 2020.

Favorite Teen Drama: I can’t pick just one so here are some I like – The End of the F***ing World, The Rain, Veronica Mars, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Fabiola Liaño

Pronouns: she/her

Social Media: @fabiola_liano

Role: Social Media Manager (TVC)

Haley Adams

Pronouns: she/her

Social Media: @ukulele_haley on Instagram

Role: Composer (TVC)

Special Thanks:

Brad Hefta-Gaub, Brian Fleming, Krista Fleming, Tamarin Camp, Nia Le and Cameron Fraser