Rolling Midnight
30 Candles: Out With A Bang, Part 1

Four prisoners find themselves loosed upon a dying world. What is it that awaits them out there? Angels? Devils? Men?

CW: Apocalyptic doom and threat of death throughout. Screaming/violence (0:46-0:52). Gunshot sound effects (0:52, 4:20, 40:09-41:04, 1:08:33, 1:09:09, 1:11:12, 1:10:19-1:11:24, 1:15:42), and descriptions of gun violence (52:53-53:06, 1:07:23-1:16:04). Implications of suicide (12:20 and 26:08-26:23). Discussions and descriptions of NPC death and corpses (36:09-37:01, 50:28-51:24, 51:48-53:06, 1:19:08-1:19:31), animal death (51:48-52:01), audio gore (1:10:19-1:11:24, 1:19:08-1:19:31). Mentions of police and police violence (1:06:03-1:16:04).

The game we are playing this season is Ten Candles by Stephen Dewey. You can find his work at and support him at

If you are posting about the show online, please use #RollingMidnight, #30Candles, and #30Cspoilers to tag your content and to help us see anything you’d like to share with us. 


GM and Director: Talon Cruz


Alyssa as Imelda “Mellie” Vasquez

Tanith as Andrew Chance

Quin Borozin as Floyd Ray Lewis

and Arcadia Reeves as Carmen Rivera

Editor: Zola Hefta-Gaub

Sound Designers: Casey Fleming with assistance from Saffron Hefta-Gaub

Composer: Jared Charney Cohen

Character Artist: Kev Bonaparte

Episode Artist: Addie Lillard

This episode contains music and sound effects sourced from,, and under the Creative Commons Attribution License. This work also contains modified material adapted from a recording of Gregorio Allegri’s “Miserere Mei; Deus” by the Ensamble Encénico Vocal del SNFM, used under CC BY 3.0 from“. For the full list of credits, please visit our website at



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