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Episode Information

Episode 1: Welcome to Thornridge

Meet the students of Thornridge High, both magic and mysterious, as they enter the season of prom-proposals, extravagant end-of-year parties, and a prophecy that inches ever closer.

Content warnings: Description of patricide, internalized homophobia, and religious trauma [9:50-16:36]. Brief description of miming self-harm [1:23:04].  Allusions to death of family members [1:53:24-1:55:50]. Homophobia [2:00:14-2:01:06]. Magical hypnotism with audio distortion [2:13:00-2:13:18 and 2:18:00-2:18:53]. Reference to sexual situations [2:41:35]. Descriptions of characters eating food throughout.

Episode 2: Time Between Dog and Wolf

Tensions rise as Starfyre, Lucien, and Cassie investigate the Strisciante family at Silvia’s party; Stephanie Chaplin hits a breaking point when confronted with terrible truths of her own.

Content warnings: Descriptions of snakes (including feeding on mice) [47:43-49:00]. Moment of forced truth-telling through magic, with auditory distortion [1:48:10-1:49:17]. Physical violence (slapping). References to cheating, homophobic and abusive family [2:20:32-2:33:39]. Characters eating food, underage drinking/drug use (marijuana and tobacco), and internalized homophobia throughout.